Lawyer's letter: about the request to stop the trademark...

Lawyer's letter: about the request to stop the trademark...

Lawyer's letter

Statement on the exclusive right of Graf trademark

Entrusted by gelaf (Jiaxing) Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiawang law firm has appointed a lawyer to make the above statement on the exclusive right of "Graf" and "Graeff" series trademarks.

After verification, the trademark "Graff and Graf" is held by Graff (Jiaxing) Instrument Co., Ltd., a 100% holding subsidiary of Graff GmbH limited. The trademark "Graff and Graf" has been registered in 9 categories and other relevant categories approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Our company found that some companies and individuals sell "Graeff and Graf" without our authorization on some websites Trademark products seriously affect the goodwill and brand value of our company; Therefore, our company and the entrusted law firm jointly solemnly make the following statement:

Solemnly notify the relevant infringing units to immediately stop using and selling the same or similar trademarks as "Graeff and Graf", and destroy all infringing goods, trademark logos, advertising materials, publicity materials and other infringing articles. Any act that uses the "Graeff" trademark without authorization and permission of our company, infringes the exclusive right of our company's trademark and affects the goodwill of our company, Our company will entrust the law firm to investigate its tort liability through legal channels.

Notice is hereby given!


Graff GmbH Limited


November 18, 2021


CC: Graff GmbH limited, offices of Graeff China and dealers of Graeff


Please purchase from legal channels and report from unauthorized channels

Hotline: 400 616 0338

Report Mailbox: graeff@graeff

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GRAEFF focuses on measurement control in the pressure and temperature field. The core members of GRAEFF technology development have years of experience in electronics and mechanics. We focus on temperature sensor, melt pressure sensor, flow sensor, intelligent sensor, displacement sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, pressure temperature control instrument, control unit, control system, drive, heater, laser technology, automation and Internet of things system research and development; GRAEFF is a innovator in the field of NTX environmentally friendly mercury-free high temperature melt filled pressure sensors, GRAEFF products are mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical industry, petrochemical energy industry, power station, sewage treatment, Marine shipbuilding industry, environmental engineering, spraying equipment, plastic, chemical fiber, rubber, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, ceramic and glass and other fields.

GRAEFF based on China, open innovation, the company focused on the sensor and measuring technology of digital, intelligent, innovation of the envirnmental protection, the Internet platform, the development system of globalization and local business needs, the combination of development of innovative products for the global customer requirements and measuring control solutions, injected fresh energy to the global industrial transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.


At the same time, GRAEFF is sparing no effort to build an open intelligent + environmental ecological measurement and control system around the world, working with local governments, global top 500 enterprises, large enterprises, medium, small, micro and start-up enterprises, as well as universities and research institutions to jointly develop future-oriented innovation and achieve win-win results for all.