Exhibition time: 2023.10.18-21

Organizer: Ho Chi Minh International Advertising Exhibition Company, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam

Venue: Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center

Period: once a year Exhibition area: 20000 square meters Exhibitors: 480 Visitors: 16200


Exhibition introduction:

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition Vietnam Plas has become a leading professional exhibition in the industry.
The exhibition has been regarded as the best way to enter Vietnamese shopping malls and the most effective way to promote products, machinery and services in Vietnam. The exhibition was strongly supported by Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam's National Investment and Development Bureau, Vietnam Rubber and Plastic Production Association, Vietnam Printing Association and China's Trade Promotion Commission.
VietnamPlas will be the best opportunity to promote products, find trading partners, and look forward to future technologies and trends. It will also promote your business opportunities.  
Ho Chi Minh's rubber and plastic industry has strong competitiveness in international shopping malls, especially in packaging, home furnishing, building materials and other fields. With the development of Vietnam's economy, more and more international capital has been attracted.

Scope of exhibits

Plastics: blow molding, tape casting film production line; Compression molding; Thermoforming; Mold manufacturer; Extrusion molding machinery; Injection molding machine; Blow molding machine; Label printing machine, nozzle; Measuring, testing and analyzing instruments; Color masterbatch; Petrochemical and polymer; Plastic and rubber processing; Recycling machinery; Plasticizers, stabilizers and other chemicals

Rubber: rubber machinery and equipment, complete sets of equipment, single machines and technologies for manufacturing and testing rubber products; Rubber raw materials, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton materials, thermoplastic elastomer, reclaimed rubber and rubber powder, rubber mixture, etc; Rubber additives, various rubber additives, carbon black, fillers, etc; Non tire rubber products, tires, cycle tires, rubber hoses, tape, automotive rubber products, mining engineering rubber products and other thermoplastic elastomers, polyolefin elastomers, styrene elastomers, polyester thermoplastic elastomers, polyamide thermoplastic elastomers, halogen containing thermoplastics, elastomers, ionic thermoplastic elastomers, ethylene copolymer thermoplastic elastomers, polybutadiene thermoplastic elastomers, trans polyisoprene, Diene thermoplastic elastomer, melt processing thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic vulcanizate