GRAEFF is a British multinational group of companies specialising in the development, production and sales of pressure sensors, melt pressure sensors, temperature sensors, industrial sensors, intelligent sensors, flow sensors, displacement sensors, liquid level sensors, pressure and temperature control instruments, intelligent digital controllers, pressure gauges, heaters, laser technology, pressure and temperature calibration systems, laboratory instruments, Internet of Things and automation control systems. 

The products are used in the following fields:food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, energy industry, power station, sewage treatment, marine and shipbuilding industry, environmental engineering, spraying equipment, plastic, chemical fiber, rubber, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, ceramic glass,drones, robotic systems, aerospace, mining machinery, construction machinery, etc.

GRAEFF is open for innovation and focuses on digital, intelligent and environmentally friendly innovations in sensor and measurement technology. It also combines an internet platform, a global R&D system and local business needs to develop innovative products and measurement and control solutions that meet the needs of global customers and also inject new energy into the transformation and upgrading of industrial smart manufacturing.