Melt Pressure Transmitter GREEN LINE Type “DTAI”

Melt Pressure Transmitter GREEN LINE Type “DTAI”

Melt Pressure Transmitter


with Temperature element 


 1. Introduction

 2. Operating range and field of application

 3. Danger areas

 4. Waste disposal

5. Transport and storage

6. General

 7. Cleaning of the sensors

 8. Installing ,Uninstalling

 9. Connecting and commissioning

10. Technical Data

11. Dimensions

1. Introduction:

Melt pressure transducers are precise measuring probes which obtain their measuring accuracy and long life span only if they are properly handled. These operating instructions should be studied carefully before installing the sensor, thus ensuring a trouble-free operation

Nevertheless, should you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to contact our service technicians, who will be pleased to be of assistance

2. Operating range and field of application:

Graeff melt pressure transducers have exclusively been designed for the pressure monitoring of liquid, doughy or pasty materials at high temperatures. These must have a homogeneous constitution. The application area has to be selected in such a manner, that a max. differential pressure of 2 % of the measuring range – based on the diaphragm surface - is not exceeded.

Any use beyond the above mentioned application area does not conform to regulations.

3. Danger areas:

In the complete application area of the melt pressure transducer, there is a risk of combustion. If the pressure transducer is not installed or uninstalled correctly during the applying of pressure there is a risk of hot media emerging.

4. Waste disposal:

Pressure transducers filled with mercury, have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

A free of charge and ecologically-friendly disposal can be carried out by Gräff GmbH

5. Transport and storage:

Gräff pressure transducers are generally dispatched in separate packages. In case of mechanical exposure, the sensing diaphragm is protected by an aluminium cap. This cap should be screwed on at all times of storage. 

6 General

Please read this manual carefully and completely before installing the sensor! Any damage caused by non-compliance with the operation and maintenance manual voids all warranty claims. We admit no liability for consequential damage.


For the sensor we grant a warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty includes free rectification of defects verifiably caused by the use of faulty materials or poor workmanship. The defective device shall be returned to the manufacturer immediately after the defect has become known together with original sales receipt and fault description.

The right to further claims shall be reserved.

The liability for defects does not cover natural wear and tear and transport damages as well as damages due to non-compliance with the installation instructions, local installation regulations or improper installation.

The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages not arising on the delivered item itself, especially not for indirect damages, consequential damages or property damages.

We shall reserve the right to repair, rectify or replace the defective goods or refund thepurchase price.

Unauthorised removal of our marking (serial number) negates the warranty.

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